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Our Wedding Vows

16 Nov

Our Wedding Vows *Here*


Debut Of the Wedding Photos

11 Nov

Debut Of the Wedding Photos *Here*

Wedding Teaser Album Updated

24 Aug

Have a Look! *HERE*

We are still waiting for the professional photos to be completed,these are the photos taken by the guests.

Wedding Teaser Shots

23 Aug

These are the teaser shot from wedding guests.

More Shots To Come Later

♥ Fabulous Moment August,20,2010 ♥

21 Aug

Fabulous Moments | Wine and Wedded Anticipation.

♥ Operation Bride2BPecked Rehearsal ♥

19 Aug

At five o’clock tonight I will be at the rehearsal for my wedding to my Wonderful Honey.I can not believe that we will be husband and wife in three days!I am so utterly exhausted right now but it will be all worth it in the end.

We Are In The Final Countdown

♥ Operation Bride2BPecked Countdown ♥

8 Aug

In less than 2 weeks (1 week 6 days to be exact) I will be walking down the isle to towards the kindest man (or person for that matter) I have ever known in my life.I am so utterly excited that I am bursting inside.I feel as though I could jump out of my skin right now!I know that Hubby2B and I have been living together for a year (dating for 4 years) now but being legitimately married in the eyes of the lord and in front of family and friends will mean so much.

We have a female minister performing the ceremony at a local venue.The ceremony will be followed by a cocktail party that will be catered and we’ll be serving Hors D’Oeuvre.This week I have to go and find out how to set up a wine bar for my guests.now that we are in the 2 week count down there is so much to do though I am taking today for myself since it will likely be my last day of relaxation until after the wedding.