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Our Wedding Vows

16 Nov

Our Wedding Vows *Here*


♥ Operation Bride2BPecked Rehearsal ♥

19 Aug

At five o’clock tonight I will be at the rehearsal for my wedding to my Wonderful Honey.I can not believe that we will be husband and wife in three days!I am so utterly exhausted right now but it will be all worth it in the end.

We Are In The Final Countdown

♥ Operation Bride2BPecked Countdown ♥

8 Aug

In less than 2 weeks (1 week 6 days to be exact) I will be walking down the isle to towards the kindest man (or person for that matter) I have ever known in my life.I am so utterly excited that I am bursting inside.I feel as though I could jump out of my skin right now!I know that Hubby2B and I have been living together for a year (dating for 4 years) now but being legitimately married in the eyes of the lord and in front of family and friends will mean so much.

We have a female minister performing the ceremony at a local venue.The ceremony will be followed by a cocktail party that will be catered and we’ll be serving Hors D’Oeuvre.This week I have to go and find out how to set up a wine bar for my guests.now that we are in the 2 week count down there is so much to do though I am taking today for myself since it will likely be my last day of relaxation until after the wedding.

UnBridaled Motivational Issues

29 Aug
How do I get motivated for this wedding?I have to figure out the flowers,the colours,the decor,the center pieces,the invitations, the cake and the favors I want.Most brides start planning their wedding when they get engaged but me I am still procrastinating.What is wrong with me I have no interest in my wedding at all,I just ant to be married to Hubby2B.Will I ever care about the particulars of my wedding?Okay enough talking it is time for this Bride2B to get off her derriere and start doing some real planning for her wedding!

5000 Ways To Say Thank You

21 Jun
My Dad came over today for a Father’s Day BBQ with the most wonderful new.My Dad asked what we were planing for the wedding and I said a simple cocktail party.After I described the event to him he told me that he was giving me $5000 to go towards her wedding/honeymoon/early marriage stuff.I totally did not expect to have any money given to me,I can not believe this,things will be so much easier!How thankful am I?

Back To Going Bridal After A Break

21 Jun
It has indeed been a while since I have posted anything to do with my wedding.The only real update I have pertaining to my impending nuptials is that I have the reception hall booked and I have a vision of what I want the occasion to be.My only thing to do is finally to get up of my bottom and start working on some of these ideas.My vision is to have a small evening wedding around 5pm or 6pm then invite others to a cocktail party held at around 7pm or 8pm where I will serve Hor’devours.Now comes the time to do the real work!

Sincere Offer or Mere Formality

6 Nov

So far all that I have done in reference to my wedding is look at magazines and websites,I have done absolutely no REAL planning.What I need right now is a community of women to get together with and get excited with about my wedding,but that does not seem to be likely to happen.don’t get me wrong I have had plenty of offers to help plan the wedding though I am not sure if they are genuine offers or polite formalities.this day in age we are the generation of people who say,”How are you?” when we at times are aware that we really have no interest in the answer and I am not sure if that is the same when it comes to these offers.I’m mot saying that this is the case though I’m not sure how to tell a genuine offer from a formality.This is a time when I do wish I had more close female friends since although Hubby2B is excited about being my husband (as am I about being his wife) he will be just as happy if I tell him when,where and what to wear.I do know that I will need help so I will at some point have to take someone up on their offer.Hopefully I will pick the people who made genuine offers not those who would feel obliged after making an offer out of protocol.