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Our Wedding Vows

16 Nov

Our Wedding Vows *Here*


Protected: Weddings and Trust

17 Jul

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Banking On Wedding Frustration

7 Jul

President’s Choice No Longer My Choice

How a bank nearly made a wedding memory awful for me!

Going Bridal (Part 3)

3 May

Am I the only one who has a hard time getting it together to plan a wedding?There is just so much to do!I have do quite a bit so far but I still have so much to do.It will be nice when the day gets here and I can stop planning!

UnBridaled Motivational Issues

29 Aug
How do I get motivated for this wedding?I have to figure out the flowers,the colours,the decor,the center pieces,the invitations, the cake and the favors I want.Most brides start planning their wedding when they get engaged but me I am still procrastinating.What is wrong with me I have no interest in my wedding at all,I just ant to be married to Hubby2B.Will I ever care about the particulars of my wedding?Okay enough talking it is time for this Bride2B to get off her derriere and start doing some real planning for her wedding!

Sincere Offer or Mere Formality

6 Nov

So far all that I have done in reference to my wedding is look at magazines and websites,I have done absolutely no REAL planning.What I need right now is a community of women to get together with and get excited with about my wedding,but that does not seem to be likely to happen.don’t get me wrong I have had plenty of offers to help plan the wedding though I am not sure if they are genuine offers or polite formalities.this day in age we are the generation of people who say,”How are you?” when we at times are aware that we really have no interest in the answer and I am not sure if that is the same when it comes to these offers.I’m mot saying that this is the case though I’m not sure how to tell a genuine offer from a formality.This is a time when I do wish I had more close female friends since although Hubby2B is excited about being my husband (as am I about being his wife) he will be just as happy if I tell him when,where and what to wear.I do know that I will need help so I will at some point have to take someone up on their offer.Hopefully I will pick the people who made genuine offers not those who would feel obliged after making an offer out of protocol.

Bridal Party Gets Bigger

26 Sep
Over the past couple of weeks I have managed to have my bridal party get larger.Initially there was only going to be a Best Man and Maid Of Honour now there is going to be a bridesmaid and groomsmen added to he mix.My Maid Of Honour is the Hubby2B’s sister and the Best man is going to be Hubby2B’s father given that so much of his family is going to be in the wedding I had to add some of mine.My bridesmaid is going to be my brother’s ex wife (scandalous ,I know) given that she has been like a sister to me and the groomsmen is going to be my brother (not the on with the ex wife,I am not that scandalous).I’ve also incorporated my nieces into the wedding,one will pass out the programs and the other will get people to sign the guest book.Why is it that no matter how small one intends to keep their wedding it grows like it has a life of it’s own?