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Our Wedding Vows

16 Nov

Our Wedding Vows *Here*

Debut Of the Wedding Photos

11 Nov

Debut Of the Wedding Photos *Here*

Wedding Teaser Album Updated

24 Aug

Have a Look! *HERE*

We are still waiting for the professional photos to be completed,these are the photos taken by the guests.

Operation Bride2BPecked Is Flawless

23 Aug

I woke up,took my shower and made sure I was thoroughly prepared for our Honeymoon evening.After I was sure that I was fully prepared I sat and (not so patiently) waited to be picked up 11:45 by my SIL2B who was my MOH.Thankfully Hubby2B programmed our machine of awesomeness (aka coffee machine) to make a pot of coffee for us in the morning.I’ll confess I might have put a little Baily’s Irish Cream into my coffee.

At 11:45 I was picked up by my SIL2B and her fiancé then chauffeured to the hair salon to get my make up hair done.I still can not get over how well my hair turned out though I have to admit I retouch my make up.My FIL2B arrived for his stint as chauffer that day,the poor man was a little tried and fell asleep in a chair.After the hair and make up and hair was complete I was delivered to my mother.

I was successfully delivered to my mother’s.My mother squealed when I entered her hair salon she was in awe of my hair. After relaxing for a bit the photographer arrived and she took a few pictures of my wedding dress then it was time for pictures of me in the dress with my bridal party and with my parents.It was interesting being the focal point of a photo shoot!The photographer had many wonderful ideas!

My father (who kept on saying I had a million dollar smile all day) was on chauffer duty to bring me to the to the beach house.It seemed as though time had stood still on the way to and waiting to enter the hall.Did I mention that I made sure Hubby2B did not see the dress or me prior to the wedding?

My mother and father walked me down the isle to give me away.Hubby2B had tears in his eyes as I walk down the isle toward him.The minister was great and she got everyone involved in the wedding.As we said our vows I felt an overwhelming sense of change.We kissed and I used “church tongue” (‘Wedding Singer’ reference).I do not want to leave out that the singers my mother hired did a couple of spectacular numbers ‘The Rose’ being one of them.

Following the wedding the photographer  brought us out for couples photos on the beach and surrounding areas.It was a treat that we got some shots with my fathers 1966 yellow Mustang Convertible which all the men drooled over.We kept having to chase down my mother (aka) The Director for family photos.After the photos were complete we went inside to mingle and eat (the most amazing food EVER) and I was very hungry.

While everyone ate my Mother made a speech telling the story of when I was adopted and i asked her almost immediately if she knew the song ‘I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy (Down in My Heart)’ at which time the singers piped in and all the guests sang along!…lol…I felt like I was in bible camp again.After my mothers speech my father made a speech where he told everyone I was adopted on his birthday and when he saw me get out of the social workers car he said to my mother,“I think we’ll keep her”.Hubby’s father (aka The Best Man) made the final speech.

Toward the end of the evening my father grabbed me for an impromptu father daughter dance which Hubby cut in.

All evening I had been joking with Hubby’s best friend all night that I was going to throw the bouquet to his fiancée  so I hid it behind my back walked over and handed it to her.After handing over the bouquet, I commented on how itchy the garter was and that it had fallen to my knee so I took it off and threw it to Hubby’s best friend and as a reaction to something being thrown at him he caught it.We all had a great laugh about how perfectly that worked out.

Everyone was starting to disperse and clean up was being started.hubby and I socialized with the last of the guests.My brother and his fiancée (my bridesmaid and lovely SIL) chauffeured us to the Presidential Suite she booked for us (she is an executive for a hotel) as a wedding gift.When we arrived in the room there was a bottle of  Jackson Triggs Chardonnay,tea lights and aromatherapy kit waiting for us.

…Fades To Black…

I awoke in the morning morning and I had to take a shower.it took three shampoos to get all the hairspray out!…lol…After getting Hubby out of bed we went and got our breakfast.Hubby’s parents were nice enough to come pick us up at the hotel to bring us home along with our wedding gifts.We decided to open our presents then relax after this glorious event!

♥ Fabulous Moment August,20,2010 ♥

21 Aug

Fabulous Moments | Wine and Wedded Anticipation.

My $75 Wedding Dress

26 Oct
Today my mother picked me up to go to a new second hand shop on the West Side of Saint John.I think my mom had an ulterior motive since she immediately brought me to the gown section when we arrived.She revealed to me a beautiful white wedding dress with gorgeous sequins adorning the front of the bodice,a full skirt and a train.When I tried the dress on it fit me like a glove and I was surprised that I liked such a girly dress!The best part was that the dress was $150 last week when my mother was there but this week it was $75 and she bought it for me.even if I changed my mind only $75 was spent!My mother brought the dress home with her so Hubby2B will not see the dress until our big day!

Nontraditional Wedding Apparel

9 Jul

Since I wish to be comfortable on my wedding day I have opted for a less than traditional pants idea.Many of my friends and my mother agree this is a beautiful bridal pant suit!I’m looking forward to wearing this glamorous comfortable and interesting design!My mother and I are going to duplicate this.

Bridal Gown Ideas

1 Jul