♥ Operation Bride2BPecked Countdown ♥

8 Aug

In less than 2 weeks (1 week 6 days to be exact) I will be walking down the isle to towards the kindest man (or person for that matter) I have ever known in my life.I am so utterly excited that I am bursting inside.I feel as though I could jump out of my skin right now!I know that Hubby2B and I have been living together for a year (dating for 4 years) now but being legitimately married in the eyes of the lord and in front of family and friends will mean so much.

We have a female minister performing the ceremony at a local venue.The ceremony will be followed by a cocktail party that will be catered and we’ll be serving Hors D’Oeuvre.This week I have to go and find out how to set up a wine bar for my guests.now that we are in the 2 week count down there is so much to do though I am taking today for myself since it will likely be my last day of relaxation until after the wedding.


Fabulous Moments: Banded Together (Part 2)

23 Jul

Fabulous Moments | Banded Together (Part 2)

Fabulous Moments | ♥ 1Month2Go ♥

21 Jul

Fabulous Moments | ♥ 1Month2Go ♥

Fabulous Moments | Banded Together

20 Jul

Fabulous Moments | Banded Together.

Protected: Weddings and Trust

17 Jul

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Banking On Wedding Frustration

7 Jul

President’s Choice No Longer My Choice

How a bank nearly made a wedding memory awful for me!

Going Bridal (Part 3)

3 May

Am I the only one who has a hard time getting it together to plan a wedding?There is just so much to do!I have do quite a bit so far but I still have so much to do.It will be nice when the day gets here and I can stop planning!